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On August 20, 2009, I spoke about customer service and what that should look like, what it shouldn’t look like, and how to make an impact on your team to create a culture of customer service focus. If you want to listen to the show, go to my website above, go to the radio page, then click on the appropriate day’s show. One thing I would like to repeat that I said during the show is what you do as a leader either strengthens or weakens your customer service position. If your actions say something different than what you ask your team to do, they will never follow what you ask. Make sure you lead by example. One last thing, take today and look around entrance (whether office or store or otherwise). What would a customer think of you and your business by what it looks like when you walk in? Does it say we care about you (the customer) or does it say, we’re sloppy/messy/uncaring??? Ask your team, ask others what they think. Maybe it’s time to make that right first, then work on customer service!

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