“Defending A King ~ His Life & Legacy” portrayal of Michael Jackson

Monday, October 18th, 9:00 a.m. PST/12:00 p.m. EST ~ THE NANCY FERRARI SHOW features Dr. Karen Morarity, best-selling author of Defending a King~His Life & Legacy who discloses facts about Michael Jackson, the man, that you never knew; perceptions that you never heard; and truths that were never shared with you. Fans will learn new things. The skeptics and curious will become fans … or come one giant step closer.

Dr. Moriarty will share ~

  • why what he didn’t know did hurt him;
  • why Michael Jackson was nota recluse;
  • why he became nomadic after his 2005 trial;
  • why he wore those masks and disguises;
  • why he veiled his children in public–the realreason;
  • why he was tormented after being acquittedon fourteen charges of alleged criminal behavior involving children;
  • why he became a moving target for lawsuits of all kinds;
  • why his financial empire was crumbling;
  • why he always kept millions of dollars in cash within arm’s reach.


  • how he was heterosexual, with girlfriends and secret dates (neither gay nor deviant);
  • how he really spent his time, how he fathered his kids, and where he went during those last four mysterious years of his life;
  • how he struggled with insomnia and anguished over his sleeplessness;
  • how Michael was both rich and poor at the same time;
  • how he was always guided by a wholesome, committed love for children around the world and how that reallyplayed out behind the scenes;
  • how Michael’s defense attorneys, Thomas Mesereau and Susan Yu, discarded the “rule book” at what was the most covered trial in world history;
  • how the Conrad Murray trial savaged MIchael as the victim and blamed him for his own death even though it was ruled a homicide by the coroner and other experts;
  • how, especially in America, Michael Jackson was misunderstood, underestimated, and undervalued;
  • how Michael remains a prophet, missionary, and ambassador around the globe.

The caricature of Michael Jackson, possibly lurking in your mind, will dissipate. The myths and hysteria will be replaced by documented facts and testimony from credible individuals who knew Michael intimately, including his defense attorney, fatherly personal artist, 24/7 security team, and spiritual adviser. Who better to defend a king of a man, a king of kindness and love?

What is important for Michael Jackson’s legacy is not only his greatness but his goodness. As the best entertainer of our times, he will be remembered for his musical genius–creative and visionary songs, unique dance routines, electrifying performances, trail-blazing short films, and limitless talent. He should also be remembered as the global humanitarian that he was, tirelessly supporting important causes and secretly helping individuals–the sick, the dying, those in need of hope. Startlingly humble and “driven” to heal this planet, Michael Jackson gave more than $300 million to charities; he also gave of himself in private ways that few people know.

Dr. Karen Moriarty presents, in this unique book, an analysis of the man, in layman’s terms. She discusses the three biggest mistakes that Michael Jackson made in his life—one that was a temporary fix; one that proved his child-like level of trust; and one that caused his tragic demise and linked him to eternity. She proposes explanations for the seemingly absurd, for the extraordinary joys and unimaginable suffering of a man who experienced a “pinnacle” life… and it was lonely at the top. Did he know that he would be loved in the end?

“Bizarre behavior is normal in bizarre circumstances.” Learn how Michael Jackson lived in more bizarre circumstances than you can possibly imagine.

Karen Moriarty, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, educator, author

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