Discovering Your True Mission in Life with Carolyn Matthews, Author of “Mentoring the Near-Death Experiencer” on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Tune in Monday, September 30th, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET to The Nancy Ferrari Show as the topic of discussion is about the gift of receiving a 2nd chance in life, discovering your life’s mission and how the near-death experience affects the survivor and his/her families.

Carolyn Matthews is the author of the book: “Mentoring the Near-Death Experiencer” subtitled: “Addressing the Need to Find the Mission in Life.”  Her book includes the entire course on finding the mission in life, as well as up to date medical research into the NDE phenomenon and its survivors, and information on the changes that near-death experiencers have in their lives and how this affects them.Carolyn Matthews has an MA degree in Transpersonal Studies, and a BA degree in Astrological Studies.

During her MA degree research, Carolyn became interested in the near-death experience and particularly its survivors, and was inspired to help them find their missions in life. She has worked as a transpersonal mentor with near-death experience survivors, helping them to discover their life missions.

Carolyn’s book is currently available at:, and she can be contacted through this website.  (

Apart from her degree work, Carolyn has spent many years in personal research of the transpersonal, the paranormal, world religions, ancient civilizations, mythology and psychology.  Although not knowingly a near-death experiencer herself, Carolyn has had some transpersonal experiences of her own which have helped her to better understand what near-death experiencers have experienced, and why they find it hard to describe those experiences.



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