Meet Sheila Kennedy, THE Confidence Coach on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Tune into The Nancy Ferrari Show airing live on Monday, February 2nd, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET as my featured guest is Sheila Kennedy, THE Confidence Coach, who is a lead-by-example kind of woman.   As she learns, she shares.  Early in her career as a Life Skills Instructor with the US Army, she saw that people learn best by example and sharing lessons learned is an important part of being a good leader.   Sheila walks her talk and shares the results every day. Teaching by positive example wasn’t always the case for Sheila.  She spent years trying to hide her lack of perfection and the dysfunction in her life.


As a middle school Theology Teacher and Owner of a Home Staging Company, Sheila felt she could hardly share what a mess her life had become so she could get the help she needed.  She felt that if she appeared to be anything less than confident, people would not trust her with their children or their business.  In response, Sheila learned plenty of survival and coping skills so she could get through the daily routines of life and business. Sheila became a poster child for giving an idyllic appearance to a rather miserable existence. Her hiding and lack of authenticity caught up with her and her “ideal” life crumbled until she found herself a single mom barely making a living.  Her confidence was at an all-time low and she and her business struggled significantly.   After reading Jeremiah 29:11, Sheila determined that she could overcome her challenges and use them to create something better for her own life and others. Sheila employed the skills she once taught about how to be a resourceful leader who is a skillful communicator and problem solver.  She repurposed methods she used to teach thirteen year olds in her theology classes to believe in something she couldn’t see … her value.  She cleared out the physical and emotional clutter that she knew was holding her back.  Armed with all of this, Sheila built a heightened level of confidence and finally opened her coaching practice, J29 Project. She now coaches others to build the confidence they need to build the life they desire.


Sheila chronicled her lessons learned and inspires people all over the globe with her best-selling book, You Had It All Along.  This blueprint for building confidence at your core was released nearly a year after the best-selling book, Wounded? Survive! Thrive!! that Sheila co-authored was published.  Being an example for women world-wide and sharing skills and ideals they need to thrive is one of Sheila’s greatest accomplishments to date. An entrepreneur since 2008, Sheila learned that one’s level of confidence directly impacts the success of their business and  strongly influences marketing, visibility, connecting,  and making money. Sheila spends most of her time helping entrepreneurs build the level of confidence they need to build the business and visibility they desire.  Be sure to grab a copy of Sheila’s newest book, Choices to Changes: The Practice of Being a Confident Entrepreneur, due for release in Spring 2015. – See more at:


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