Home Grown Legacy: Life, Ladders and Learnings in the World of Home Improvement

On Monday, February 25 at 5 PM Eastern, I welcome Erik Dardas, author of the forthcoming book, Home Grown Legacy: Life, Ladders and Learnings in the World of Home Improvement to Your Book Your Brand Your Business. Erik and I have been collaborating on this project for the past year and look forward to a springtime release.

During the interview, he’ll share his motivation for writing and publishing his book, a few lessons learned over his 33-year career with Home Depot, and how his Midwestern upbringing and Christian faith fostered his professional and personal development. We will also take your questions from the live chat.

Here’s a bit more about the author and Home Grown Legacy:

Michigan native Erik Dardas began his career with Home Depot as a part-time associate in the company’s Fort Lauderdale Florida store in 1983, following in his father’s footsteps. When he first donned the signature orange apron, he had no idea that what started out as a second job for extra income would soon transform into a 33-year career with the world’s largest home improvement   retailer. He wrote Home Grown Legacy: Life, Ladders and Learnings in the World of Home Improvement to highlight the service and dedication of retail employees and leaders, affirm the value of a strong work ethic, and express his gratitude to company associates, managers, and officers for helping him grow into a better man, leader, husband, and father. He is currently retired with his wife and fellow Home Depot veteran Pam, splitting time between New Smyrna Beach Florida and Two Rivers Wisconsin.   

How does a “hard-charger” who once got himself demoted recover to achieve remarkable success with the world’s most iconic home improvement retailer? In Home Grown Legacy: LifeLadders and Learnings in the World of Home Improvement 33-year Home Depot veteran Erik Dardas offers readers a no-holds-barred account of his own screw-ups, successes and learnings. Struggling with the daily pressure to honor the legacy of his own father as well as company founders Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, the Mike Rowe of the retail industry boldly shares the down, dirty, and often shocking details of dealing with the public, managing employees, and controlling one’s own behavior.

Along with merchandise, human nature is on full display for better or for worse, but as Dardas relates from his own experience, you have a choice in both retail and life: you can either allow its complexities to break you or build you into a better human being. In the tradition of Built from Scratch: How a Couple of Regular Guys Grew the Home Depot from Nothing to $30 Billion, this motivational book celebrates the timeless values of work ethic, integrity, and leadership – qualities that, in today’s rapidly evolving business climate, all participants – whether new to the workforce or seasoned members of management – could greatly benefit from.  

Tune in on Monday, February 25 at 5 PM Eastern for Your Book Your Brand Your Business with author Erik Dardas. In the meantime, follow him on Twitter @DardasErik, connect with him on LinkedIn @ Erik Dardas, and like his Facebook page, Erik Dardas, Author.

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