Do You Have a “No-Idea Zone?”

Many business owners fail to seriously consider ideas from their team when presented. By dismissing these ideas quickly, although dismisal may be the best thing for your company in the short term, you might be creating a culture of non growth. In my experience, many great ideas come from those who work most on the “front line.” It is crtical to use this information as a business.
With this, what feedback mechanism do you have for your customers and your employees to provide you with the critical information you need to make decisions? You should have a mechanism in place to allow your team to give you “great ideas.” This could be drop box or an email address to submit ideas. Encourage and reward employees who come up with different or creative ways to resolve problems and issues that have plagued your business. Sometimes the answer is rght under your nose! If someone comes to you with an idea you can’t implement, let them know why you can’t do it at this time and that you value your input. If it is an idea that you think you might use in the future, but can’t financially now, ask them to come back to you in 6 months with the idea and let them know you’ll reward them if you can implement it. Just make sure you follow through!
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