Eating to Avoid Our Toxic World. RECIPES. Meet Expert Dr. Doris Rapp, SUNDAY. 1pm ET


What do you think makes a those strawberries pictured on the front and found inside a cereal box look, smell and taste like strawberries even when they aren’t real?  Chemicals: dyes, flavors and aromas made out of derivatives from coal tar and petroleum. UGH!  Yes, this is true and just the tip of the iceberg of chemical truths surrounding toxins we eat, toxins that play havoc in our perfectly designed bodies. We have polluted our food.  Sad to say, children and adults suffer the consequences: headaches, fatigue, allergies, cancer, obesity, sterility, learning and behavioral problems and more.  Find out what to do to avoid this tragedy from our esteemed guest, author, pediatrician, allergist, and environmental medical specialist, Dr. Doris Rapp.  To quote her: eliminate the cause and there’s nothing to treat.  Sweet music to our ears!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to join Dr. Rapp, co-host Tracee (Real Food Moms) and me as we help you make it a safer world for your family, starting in your kitchen! Sunday, 1pm ET, on

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