Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

I was going to write about something, but I can’t remember what. I got up at about 10 PM and thought I’d just take a few minutes to jot down my thoughts before 2 AM so I can go to bed early and get up like a normal person.

However, I cannot sit down at the computer without checking my email…talk about an addiction…and there was this email from my friend Elise Mercado with a youtube click in it. So, course, I watched it. And whatever I had been thinking about flew right out of my head.
Here is a guy who is saying out loud exactly the kinds of stuff I’m always thinking. I love it.
So watch the clip and see if you don’t agree with him.
I’ve got Thursday’s radio broadcast to think about. Anyone have a great business topic they think needs addressing on the air? I never seem to have trouble filling up 50 minutes, but I’m always interested to know what’s on everyone else’s mind.
If no one has anything earth shattering, I think I’ll talk about work and fun, having fun at work, working at having fun, knowing the difference between work and fun, knowing what work is, knowing what fun is, do they have to be different? See, I can just let my mind go and all sorts of things start falling out of my head. It’s a little scary sometimes. I’m glad no one can read my mind. It’s congested in there. And random.
I want to do a show on why we do things that we know are bad for us. I’m fascinated by the things that I do over and over that I know don’t serve me well and still I do them. I’ve stopped trying to justify it to myself…no one else cares…but it’s so weird to me. And still I do them. I get that we are all different stylistically, I’m not talking about that. I mean things that really aren’t good for me, physically, mentally, emotionally. And still I do them. What’s that about? Maybe it’s Jungian. I fall into the “do things because they feel good in the moment” archetype. There are people who I know don’t do things that aren’t good for them. I mean I actually know some people like that. Obviously I don’t know them well. They strike me as self-depriving, although that may be a part of my own unconscious (now unfortunately, conscious” justification for the things I do.
Big sigh. Not going to fix the my universe tonight. Hey, is that another justification?
Grateful for another beautiful day. I love thunder.

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