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Hello all you Fan Base Listeners Danny Ryde here back on the computer and ready to blog. So in my last blog entry I explained why it’s taken so long to update the Fan Base blog and promised 2 entries in one day about two shows so lets get started.


On the 5-28-09 show we had a very special guest call in to the show. Lex Lang (Sanouske Sagara from Rarouni Kenshin) who is a very famous Voice actor in the world of animation and video games. He is also a stand up comedian and musician. Also he and his wife Sandy Fox (Sumomo from Chobits) another famous voice actor own the bottled water company H2OM which is doing phenomenally well. On the show we asked Lex how he got into being a voice actor. He said that it was his wife Sandy that introduced him to voice acting and introduced him to the right people and helped him get his voice demo together. We asked Lex what he is up to now and what are his plans for the future? Apparently he had just finished directing a video game in London. Unfortunately he couldn’t give us any details on the game because of a non-closure agreement. He also hinted that he had done some work on a new anime series. However once again the non-closure agreement kept us from getting any info on the new anime series. So while we couldn’t get any details we do know that Lex Lang has projects in the works and look forward to seeing them in the future. We greatly appreciated having Lex on the show and hope to have him and Sandy fox back on in the future.


Apart from Lex  Lang calling in, the show also had WTF news. The stories included Lucky Star Engine Oil, a Japanese Cross Dressing Magazine, and High School urine trader busted (YUCK) and Japanese breast pillows. There was also the newest part of our show the Arcade Block. were we play a non stop block of 3-4 songs from video games. We played One Winged Angle from FF7 Advent Children and Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts. The reason we only played two songs this time is because One winged Angle is is over six minutes long. Then Evil Jeff went off on a rant about anime’s  that preach about how horrible war is and then show people engaging in war and almost glorifying it. He used the anime series Gundam as his primary example.


Evilly Jeff’s Rant about war and his use of the Gundam series got me thinking about out of control AI in the movies. So we did a top ten count down of the most out of control AI characters in movies. Some of the characters that made the countdown were The Red Queen from Resident Evil, H.A.L. from 2001: Space odyssey, and of course Sky Net from the Terminator series. After the countdown we went in to a review of the newest Terminator movie Terminator: Salvation. In my personal opinion this movie was  very good. The story had twist and turns so you never really new what was going to happen and the action was very face paced but still easy to follow. Christian Bale did a very nice job of portraying John Conner. It was nice to see John actually do something in a Terminator movie. Just to let you know Arnold does make a “Cameo” appearance in the movie but i wont say were or when so you’ll just have to go see it to find out. That’s what the 5-28-09 show of Fan Base was.


Taste Of The West


Unfortunately theirs not a whole lot to say about Fan Base at Taste of The West. We got started Late and could only be on the air for 12 minutes at two different times and it was only Big B and myself. The first time we went on we did WTF News however it was a slow day in the world of weird news. The only stories we could find were two. One about Lucky Star underwear for guys and a Japanese TV show that transforms high school boys into girls and then has them “play” (Not Dirty) with other high school boys on stage. After that we had to get off the air and had to go to work at Taste Of The West. We got back on a few hours later and did a review of UP and proper theater educate. Up is the newest Disney/Pixar movie about an old man who makes his house fly by tying hundreds of balloons to it. It was very entertaining and funny. Big B and my self both recommend that you go see this movie. With Proper theater educate it was your basic stuff like don’t call, talk or text during the movie. Don’t use your little laser pointer on the screen (It’s not funny it’s just annoying as hell) and finally don’t kick the person in front of you, but if you do then apologize. The reason we did theater educate as part of our show was because when we were watching UP every single one of those things listed above happened to us. We still enjoyed the movie but it was a lot harder to concentrate on it.


Now Just because Fan Base didn’t do a lot at Taste Of The West doesn’t mean that W4CY didn’t do a great job of broadcasting  from there. Peter from Peters Living Room and Dean Piper from the Power Of You were there interviewing restaurant owners all day and keeping people entertained. Get Real our new Teen Talk Show was there doing a live broad cast, Dj Frank from Dance Party was there broadcasting with Peter and the Quantum Doctor was also there showing how effective Zero Point Technology is. We were there from 4:30pm to 8:30pm and had a great time. We ate all kinds of food and met a lot if interesting people at Taste Of The West. It was a wonderful and filling time and we cant wait to go back next year.


OK that was went on with Fan Base these past two weeks. Our next show will be comic book oriented with a friend of ours Steven who knows almost every comic book artist in south Florida. So be sure to tune in for the comic book crazy show. This is Danny Ryde and i will see you all next Thursday at 4pm on Fan Base  on

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