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Hey all you FanBase listeners this is Danny Ryde. Last weeks show was  fun and exciting. First for sugar blast we played Happy Cosmos by Poppins from the anime Dear S, This song is extremely sugary so if it didn’t wake you up it at least gave you at least type 10 diabetes. Then in the world of WTF News we had stories about how most Japanese women are concentrating on becoming a house wife rather then pursuing a career, or how there are  hello kitty vibrator’s circulating throughout the world(Thank you evil Jeff). After WTF News we played the song Again by Yuie from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. After that we had a brief discussion about the  anime series Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. This version of FMA is different from the one already released in America because it follows the manga more closely and has a darker hint to it then the original.


Then we went into the first of two discussions about gaming. The first is how to tell if someone is a gaming addict. It pretty much comes down to their hygiene, their clothes and the way they talk. I gave a brief review of the new Ghostbusters video game. All I am going to say is you will like this game. Go rent it or buy it. After the discussion we went in to the Arcade Block. The songs we played this week in the Block were: Liberi Fatali from FF8, Sanctuary From Kingdom Hearts 2 and How crazy are you from DOA Extreme Beach Volley Ball. Then we went into our second topic of the day and that is “Where do you draw the line with kids and video games”. This discussion however was cut short by a phone call from our special guest, Voice over artist Spike Spencer, whose most famous work is probably Shinji Akari from Evangelion. Spike was an absolute riot to have on the show, we called him while he was ordering food at a taco bell in little Korea in LA. He told us how he got started in voice acting what conventions were like for him and what his plans for the future were. Basically he is going to travel all over the world in the next few months.


After the interview with Spike we played Princes of the Universe by Queen from Highlander. Then our comic book official Steven called in a gave a review of the new Capitan America comic book. Then we played Zetzubo Billy by Maximum the Hormone from Death Note in honor of our boss Dean Piper. After that we had our media release and game cheat codes. Then we introduced a new segment of the show Big B’s and Evil Jeff’s random thought of the day. Their thought was “what is it like to hold a women”, their response was “it’s like holding a bag of sand”. Finally we ended the show with Higurashi no naku koro ni by Eiko Shimamiya from the anime Higurashi no naku koro ni. That was FanBase for 6-18-09.



Apart from FanBase I just have to tell you about this new video game store that I found in the Mall at Wellington Green. Its called CGX Games. This store has everything. Right when you walk in there is a plasma TV hooked up to Guilty Gear, with a nice couch for you to sit on. In the back there are two more TV’s with Halo on them so two people can play. The store’s video game collection blew me away. Not only do they have Next Gen games, but they have playstaion, N64, Sega, super and regular Nintendo. They even have games from the Atari generation, games that i didn’t even know existed. They also have strategy guides and merchandise from video games in the store. The one thing that blew my mind besides their incredible game selection was that they had import games from Japan. The only place I know that you can even have a chance of finding import games besides the internet is at anime conventions. Now you don’t have to wait for a convention you can just go the Mall at Wellington Green and go to CGX Games. It’s located on the 2nd floor of the mall across from the TooJays Deli.  Trust me if you are a gamer then its not a question of should you go check out this store its a question of When can you go. Go see what this store has to offer, you have my word as a console gamer that you will not be disappointed.            

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