Hey all you listeners of FanBase your official blog writer Danny Ryde here. So on our last show we had two guest hosts the first was a possible replacement for Krysta her name was Chippy. The second was my big brother Maniacal. So after the introductions we went right into the show with a blast of sugar. The song we played was Kemiko Deluxe by Chiwa Saito form the anime Kemiko DX. After the sugar we went into WTF News. Our stories for this week were Walt Disney buys Marvel Comics, 14 year old boy pays 14 year old girl for sex on a toilet, Man arrested for trying to commit suicide, Japan’s new prime minister’s wife claim’s to be abducted by aliens, and 20% of Japanese men want to date game characters. After the news we played an interview I did with the owner of Mizucon Jo. Then we  went into a review of Mizucon. we talked about what we liked and what was going on their, for a complete description of what we did look at last weeks blog post which was a complete review of what went on at Mizucon. 


After our review of Mizucon one of our contest winners Andrea called into the show. Because Andrea was so nice to us and because i know how lonely it can be to go to a con by yourself i gave her another pass to Zonacon so she could take a friend. That’s just the kind of guy I am. After Andrea called we tried to give away some free VIP Passes to Zonacon con but everybody we called didn’t answer the phone. The one person we did manage to talk to couldn’t go to Zonacon because he was busy with another convention. So the VIP tickets are still going to be given away in a new contest listen next Thursday for the details. Then we played Ready Steady Go from Full Metal Alchemist because two of the voice actors for FMA were at Mizucon. Then we played an Interview I did with Wendy Powell who was the voice of Envy on FMA. After the Interview i had to call my parole officer  Officer Plywood and we talked about what happened at Mizucon. If you would like to see Officer Plywood’s interrogation of me at Mizucon simply click this link:


After the call to Officer Plywood we played the arcade block. Our music for this week was Devil’s Never Cry from Devil May Cry, Longing from FF7 Dirge of Cerberus, Liberi Fatali from FF8 and Sparkling from Teken 5. Finally we did a quick round table on why there is such a lack of comic book cosplayers and ended the show with Hell Above Water from the band Curve from Iron Man. That’s what happened on last week’s show, Chippy will be back on because Maniacal kind of over shadowed her. So our quest to find a replacement for Krysta continues. Tune in next week at 4om for FanBase where we put The Random In Fandom. 

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