Greetings to all the followers of FanBase and W4CY, your keeper of the blog Danny Ryde here. Last week’s show was one of our best (What did you think about it). We had the owners of Zonacon the anime horror convention, Loretta and Marc, in the studio with us and we had a blast. Our blast of Sugar was Kimi ni Mune Kyun by Yuu Kobayashi from the anime Maria Holic. Then we went into WTF News. Our stories this week were, Women strike back against train molesters, Fender to release Eva Ayanami Ray Guitars, Men are more happy with a little sisters and School Girls arrested for taking nude photographs of themselves. What’s the most disturbing story you’ve heard about in Japan or in the fan community? Then we played I can’t be cool by ILaria Graziano from Ghost in the Shell SLC. After that Loretta had to give a shout out to Tuesday (Dazzler in X-Men Origins Wolverine), who we thank immensely for listening to our show. We then had Loretta and Marc talk all about Zonacon. First and foremost I personally just want to say how much I admire Loretta and Marc because after they attended so many anime/comic conventions they like so many other fans thought that they could do better, however unlike so many other fans they got off their butts and actually did something by creating Zonacon. Then we found out that there will be anime speed dating at Zonacon and we are going to get Big B to take part in it. Then we learned that Zonacon originally started out as a comic book show, then the second year they took in vendors from an anime convention that was going out of business. So Zonacon has been around for a while however this is the first year where it’s an anime/horror convention. We then learned that there is a mystery murder event taking place at Zona of which I will be taking part in and thanks to that I have to cosplay as Yagami Light from Death Note (Good luck trying to kill me).

Then we let it be known that Terrance Zudnich the Grave Robber from Repo The Genetic Opera is the special guest of Zonacon. After that we were told that there will be a zombie VS Hunters event and a Zombie walk. Then Marc listed some of the panels that will be going on at the convention. Panels such as Building Armor for Cosplay, a couple video game panels by Council Alliance including Why Video Games Aren’t Bad (Amen brother), and we here at FanBase will be doing a panel also but were not goingto tell you what it is you’ll just have to come and see. Besides Terrance Zudnich other guests of Zonacon include voice actor Eric Vale who was trunks on Dragonball Z, Rando from Yu Yu Hakesho and Yuji Kado from Blue Gender. Also appearing will be Sybil Danning, Jim O’Rear, and gothic models Ken and Vixsin , along with a ton of other guests. Then we had our drawing for a pair of VIP tickets to Zonacon and our winner was Sasha Beers. Both her and her boyfriend Tyler were uber excited to win and we can’t wait to see them there. After our raffle we went into the arcade block, our songs this week were: When the necromorphs attack from Dead Space, Hellp Zep from Saw and The Ghostbusters Theme. Then we gave our review of the Movie Zombie Land, and how this Zombie movie took a more realistic approach then other films also how we would survive a zombie apocalypse and what weapon we would use. Then we played a song request from a listener which was Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru from EVA 1.0. Then we had our media release and closed the show with What’s Up People from Death Note. That was our show for last week. If you are interested in attending Zonacon, the convention is Happening November 20-22 at the Holiday Inn at 6515 International Drive Orlando FL 32819 also go to for the info you’ll need about the convention. That well do it for this blog, this is Danny Ryde saying tune in this Thursday at 4pm at for FanBase. Until then JA NE.

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