FanBase at MIZUCON

Hey all you fans of FanBase Danny Ryde here to tell you all about our time at Mizucon. First the convention was held at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Miami a beautiful hotel with expensive parking. The convention was a blast; they had a good size dealer’s room with very friendly and energetic dealers. The dealers room had everything an anime could want, DVD’s, figurines, some very cool superhero sweat shirts, swords, hentai, wall scroll’s the list could just go on and on. We had our booth set up at the end of the hall which worked for us since we had a clear view of practically the whole room. Mizucon also had a game room with some very awesome games such as Batman arkham asylum, a game I had been dying to play. They also had Street Fighter 4, Halo, Punch Out, Rock Band 2 and many others. I spent I majority of my free time there playing Batman. They had two viewing rooms which always had something interesting onto watch. There was also a main events room where the special guests of the convention signed autographs, interacted with the con attendees and where Dances were held at night. There was also a sword fighting area that was set up by Sleeping Samurai. In this area people could have sword fights with foam patted weapons. Big B and Evil Jeff had a few matches there, I wonder who won? There was also artist alley with many wonderful and interesting works of art could be seen.

So Evil Jeff and myself arrived at the hotel Thursday night and nothing much happened so were going to skip to Friday. On Friday we got our booth setup and ready to go. Friday was the slowest day for the convention because everybody forgot that school had started so the morning and early afternoon’s the con wasn’t very busy but things really picked up at about 3pm. Attendees came the con ready to explore. The dealer’s room was busy with people looking and buying anything they could. Evil Jeff and I took turns walking around the convention handing out flyers and telling people about the show and staying at the booth handing out flyers and telling people about the show. The highlight of Friday for me was interviewing voice actor Vic Manyana who you may know as the voice of Edward Elric for Full Metal Alchemist and Dark from DN Angle and getting his autograph. After the dealer’s room closed Jeff and I decided to go to the late night hentai party that was going on in the panel room. Unfortunately I didn’t stay to long because I was exhausted from the work we did, but the parts I did stay around for were fun. We played this game that was like pin the tail on the donkey but instead of a tail you had to pin boobs on princes. After that I went to bed but Jeff said the party was a lot of fun they watched some hentai and played another game were people got to voice act over the hentai, I’m sorry I decided to go to bed.

Saturday was the busiest day of the con. The dealer’s room was packed and Big B and Krysta came to the con and helped us out a lot. Big B watched the booth Krysta and I went around to passing out flyers and telling people about the show. That day I interviewed Doug smith a widely known artist in the anime community and the voice of Kintaro from the anime Golden Boy. I also got arrested by a an Akutski cop who I was apparently stalking when I went to Supercon. You can hear my recorded interrogation on Thursday’s show. Having the whole team there was a lot of fun, Big B and Evil beat the crap out of each other at the sword area and Krysta bought some cat ears that were so kawai. We talked to so many people on Saturday that my throat hurt that night there were so many cool people there that seemed interested in our show that I was beside myself with excitement. After the dealer’s room closed we all went to the viewing room to watch an anime called soul eater, an anime about a female grim reaper and her scythe it was very entertaining. After that Big B and Krysta and to leave and me and evil Jeff were overwhelmed with sadness. That night Jeff went off to do his own thing while I went to the yaoi party. It was like the hentai party but this party was about Gay guy on guy adult anime. It was a lot of fun but again I left early again which actually was a good thing because I heard the party went on till 5am which if I had stayed I would be a walking zombie for the whole day Sunday.

Sunday was the middle day not quite as busy as Saturday but nowhere near as slow as Friday. Jeff and I handed out more flyers and talked to more people. Unfortunately we had handed out so many flyers that practically all the people already had a flyer and new about us. Which was great because we knew we had gotten the word out but bad because bow we had nothing to do for the day. Jeff watched the booth while I went to do interviews for Thursdays show and boy did I get them. I interviewed the head of which is an otaku media agency who like us are trying to show that otaku are more than just anime fans. I also interviewed David Williams who is a director for anime company ADV. I talked to Mike Sinterniklaas who you may know as Dean from The Venture Brothers. I also talked to Illich Guardiola and Wendy Powll who was Envy from the series Full Metal Alchemist. We also interviewed Jo the person who made it possible for FanBase to come to Mizucon and who is responsible for Mizucon coming into existence. All the interviews of the guests of Mizucon well be played on Thursdays show so tune in to find out how you favorite VA’s got started and what they have planned for the future. We here at Fanbase wish to thank Jo for letting us come to Mizucon and experience such a wonderful time, all the voice actors for taking time out of their schedule to sit and talk with us and all the dealer’s in the dealer room for helping us and Finally to the most important people of all Every con attendee for listing to us and listing to our show we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts. Tune in this Thursday at 4pm for FanBase and a full review of Mizucon and all the interviews that went on there. This is Danny Ryde andi will see all of you in Thursday.

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