For the Health of Your Community. Thurs. 1pm ET

CommunityHealthLast week we focused on how one child, effects one family, affects one community. This week we will be giving our full attention to how one community can positively impact one family, one child, and more! In other words, it also takes a community effort to help turn the tide of disease among children. Our guest has hands-on experience in successfully influencing healthy changes in communities. Jennifer Patzowsky, MS, RD, LDN, is currently the Corporate Dietitian for Publix Super Markets after previously dedicating almost ten years to being the RD and Health Promotion Analyst for the Polk County School Board. The significance of her association with Publix is that this grocery chain is well known for its active participation in bettering communities. Jennifer will share the why and what you can do for the health of those living in your neighborhood, town, village and city!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen with Jennifer and Host Carolina Jantac, RDN (Kid Kritics Approved) as discuss ways you can be pro-active in lifting up the overall well-being of children living in your area! Thursday, 1pm ET, on and

… for the health of your family,

If you miss the live show, tune in on Sunday, 1pm ET,

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