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Hey all you members of the FanBase army. This is Danny Ryde with yet another outline of last weeks FanBase. The show started out a little different last week. I was so tired from work that I fell asleep right before the show went on. Thankfully my friends and little sister woke me up ever so gently. Then we went into a blast of sugar with Yuujou Monogatai from the anime Inukami. This is one of the sugary songs that i know of. After that we went in to WTF News. Our stories for this week were about a teacher who sabotaged his ex-wife’s milk farm by beating the dairy cow’s utters, how anime otaku are actually the second most loathed otaku by Japanese women and how the creator of the ultra popular One Piece series was attacked by an ex employees  wife. After WTF we played Hitori No Yoru by Porno Graffiti (yes that is the actual name of the band).
After the song my friend Sasha who I met on Face Book called in and gave us a review of Metro Con. From what she told us it seemed that the con ran very smoothly, The masquerade ball and live action chess game were very well done this year. However it seemed like there weren’t that many cosplayers and the dealers room had been downsized this year. These two events are very unusual in an anime con especially a big one like Metro Con. We then went into a brief discussion about anime club edicit. Our discussion got cut short by the arrival of our special guest, Chris form CGX games.
Chris told us about the specials going on at CGX games. Right  now all N64 games are 50% off and they have a street fighter 4 tournament happening next month I believe. Chris’s favorite type of games are first person shooters so we talked about games like F.E.A.R. 2 and Bioshock. We also talked about upcoming games like Assassin’s Creed 2 and Batman. After talking about games so much it was time to dive into the Arcade Block. This week the songs were Soul dealer and No Mercy from Guilty Gear and Rebellion and Lust Sin from Blazblue. After the arcade block it was time to end the show with Big B and Evil Jeff’s random thought of the day. Their thought this week was “What’s it like to hold a bag of sand”? Answer: “Its like holding a women”. We then ended the show with the song I Do by Yoko Kano. That was last weeks FanBase Show.
For those of you who are interested in going to CGX Games they are located in the Mall at Wellington Green on the second floor right across from Ruby Tuesday’s. Go and Check them out I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  

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