I tell you, TODAY’S generation…….
Isn’t that what we always heard growing up? Older people complaining about us kids and how we were all lost, disrespectful, and would take the world into ruin. It was as if they viewed us as an alien species, separate from them, and they threw up their hands and walked away. Didn’t they realize we NEEDED them to GUIDE us? So here we are, all grown up, no longer the alien species, but adults who directly affect this country and the world, and what are we doing about it? We are MENTORING and INCLUDING the younger generation.

Perhaps we learned through the separation of our elders that we truly need each other, to build a better country – a better tomorrow, if you will. We need to thoughtfully share our experiences, beneficial and detrimental, in order to give those younger than us a head start on living lives of highest potential.

Join us today on REAL WOMEN LIVE as we talk with Ann Marie Sorrell from GIRLS II WOMEN about how we can help build self-esteem in the girls of today. The goal of the organization is to motivate young women to succeed in school, and in life, by becoming accountable, responsible and productive community citizens. These young women receive mentoring and leadership skills to enhance their self esteem and help them make sound decisions. Ann Marie will explain to us the exact steps they use to help create confidence and self-empowerment to today’s girls! GO GIRL!

Ann Marie Sorrell is President & CEO of THE MOSAIC GROUP a full service events management, marketing and public relations firm, that employs experienced specialists to make any event, campaign and community involvement effort successful. Our clients are organizations (small/medium size business, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits) that are interested in diversification, increasing their visibility in the community and developing mass marketing opportunities.

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