Green Thursday August 13 on W4CY RADIO


Today is Green Thursday on W4CY. Kicking things off at 11am is “The Power of You Green Edition” with Dean Piper. Today with special guest Angela Frisby of Every Woman’s Evolution. She will be promoting her new show for women: R.W.L. (Real Women Live). Also learn powerful motivation techniques while also learning how we can help the environment. That’s “The Power of You Green Edition” this morning at 11am on

At 12pm it’s time for the most popular talk show on W4CY “Peters Living Room-Green Community Talk”. GREEN News and Environmental musicians. Listen in a learn of the important news around the globe as well as some businesses and people helping to make Earth a better place to live. special topic about going Green and kids returning to school. That’s “Peters Living Room” today at 12pm on

At 1pm Join Lois Levy on “How’s Business”. Lois talk’s about work today, career management, leadership, self-employment and anything else we can think of. “How’s Business” is a place to get your questions answered and your answers questioned. We’re having fun at work…are you? Tune every Thursday at 1 to find out how you can make your work life sing. That’s “How’s Business” today at 1pm on

Today at 2pm it’s W4CY’s newest business showBusiness-360” Join Rob Jaeger as he gives out valuable advice on how to help your business through tough times and how to help it grow. Get the answers to the business questions you always wanted to know. That’s “Business 360 “ today at 2pm on

At 3pm Peter is back with his newest show “Peters 4C Show”. Definitely you will enjoy this one about healthy eating. Our guest will be Chef Chris Paul. Talking about Interactive Dining, Dinner Theater and healthy foods. Also we will talk about the places to go and stuff going on in your community. That’s “Peters 4C Show” today at 3pm on

At 4pm it’s W4CY’s Premier show about Anime, Video Games and Comic Books, “FanBase”. Tune into hear songs from your favorite anime series, video games and J artist. Also listen for wacky news and discussions that every Fan will enjoy. Today were talking about Chan message Boards and Evil Jeff is going to explain EVA. That’s “FanBase” today at 4pm on

At 6pm it’s time to “Get Real” W4CY’s teen talk show. Teens talking to teens about real teen problems. Tune in to find helpful advice to the problems that you face each day at school and at home. Find out that you’re not the only one that has these problems. That’s “Get Real” today at 6pm on

Tonight at 7pm it’s all about the pets with “Pet Health Café Green Edition”. Listen to learn about healthy natural ways to improve your pet’s quality of life. Also tonight is the new edition of Bill’s Rant. That’s the “Pet Health Café Green Edition” tonight at 7pm on

At 8pm its time for “Night Shul” with Matt Auerbach. Tune in for good music and educational and amusing interviews. Tonight Matt has special guests Natalie Crooks ,a nutrition and lifestyle educator and certified green consultant and Joshua Nelson the prince of kosher gospel music. That’s “Night Shul” tonight at 8pm on

Tonight at 9pm it’s W4CY’s top sports show “Players Edge” with Andy Raffa. Listen for interesting sports facts and history. Hear reviews and info on current sports events. Get the answer to any sports question you have. That’s the “Players Edge” tonight at 9pm on

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