Green Thursday- OMg it’s Sept already!

WoW!!! It’s the beginning of September. A very special month here at W4CY Radio. Some key players here will be getting a year older this month!! As they say, things only get better with age. Do you agree? let me know your thoughts.

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Got any ideas on what to do or where to go? Check out Peter’s livingrrom at Noon and here Avi Hoffman( star of the upcoming ” 2 Jews Walk into a War ) and his thoughts on this weekend as well as his opnion on green stuff. Of course at 3 PM , Peter’s 4C show will have his thoughts on places he picked for this holiday weekends fun in the sun.

send us some thoughts of what you are going to do this weekend. We want to know-– or enter the chat room during the shows.

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