Harriet Lerman will be on The Power of You today at 4PM on W4CY Radio at www.w4cy.com

Caring Former Legislature Representative, Harriet Lerman will be on The Power of You today at 4PM on W4CY Radio discussing Health Care, Politics in general, what is happening, Obama’s birthday today and his birth certificate and lots of  other issues.

Harriet’s background was that she owned a pre-school for ten years in Delray Beach.

Talk Show host for many years on WPBR AM 1340. Had many people like Governors, Congress people,  Interpreter  for the President Bush, Legislators, Authors, Educators, Election people like Bev Harris from Black Box voting. and many more.

Ran for County Commissioner here in Palm Beach County against Warren Newell and won on Tuesday night and he managed to find a few more Absentee Ballots on Wednesday night to win. Rather strange he of course is in Jail for making deals.

Went to College at the University of Maine majored in Political Science and took Courses here at the Palm Beach Community College.in Early Childhood Development.for many years. Took more updates at Family Central.

Elected to the Maine State Legislature and served for ten years and appointed by the Speaker to the Health and Human Resource Committee Nationally. Served on State Government Committee, Health and Human Services and Correction Committee, Marine Resources Committee, Audit and Review Committee, Banking and Insurance Committee. Bills in the second reading chair.  Sponsored many pieces of legislation that got passed. Sunday Sales major. Radon major, 911, Look Alike drugs, Grandparents Visitation. Smoking so young couldn’t purchase cigarettes until they were 18. No more sporting events or free distribution to everyone. Correctional facility. Child Abuse all from the school of the Deaf. Did an investigation on abuse of the children at the school and for the first time we did a Blue Ribbon investigation. What a mess. Motorcycle helmets,  so many just can’t remember them all. Oh yes, she changed the state lotto to make more money for the state.      

Nominated Out Standing Young Woman of America and won many different awards American Cancer Society and Pow Mia awards for outstanding civic duty. Who’s Who in American Women in politics. President of many Clubs and was on Many Boards.

Did a Television Talk Show for many years in Maine.

Mother of two daughters one here in Wellington an a teacher and mother of two children

and a daughter in Worcester, Mass who is a paralegal and mother of four children   

Worked on campaigns for many years with people Like Ed Muskie and George Mitchell, Lawton Chiles and Robert Wexler, Carole Roberts and many, many more. 

Community service for Blood Drives and Bone Marrow Drive and St Jude Hospital.

Key note speaker for many different organizations. Sat on panels for Child Abuse, Radon, Enhance 911 which I am known as the mother of emergency 911 in Maine.

Taught a work shop on "Who Me on TV, for women who wanted to know how to be interviewed on television.  

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