Hey Women – Are Your Remotes Broken?

Is it just me, or is something strange going on with the women on this planet right now? Some kind of shifting from the old and moving into the new. Changes are evident everywhere around me. Many are starting their own companies, changing jobs, getting divorced, starting charities, moving their homes, and some are even dying their hair bright colors! Sometimes I’m reminded of the scene in the remake of Stepford Wives at the end, when all the remotes break and the women wake from their shells of conformity and start to look around and question, “What is happening?”. (Of course, they then attack their husbands for making them into shells of women, but we’ll leave that subject for another radio show – just kidding men, you know I love ya!)

Is this some sort of cosmic shift of female energies on our planet, or is it just the residue of the strange times and economy in which we live today?

For the women going through these changes, what resources and tools are out there to help them? How do they sanely transit through their transitions? What questions do they ask themselves about their changes and how do they know they are making the right decisions for now and the long term? What is it within them that is stirring and creating these desires?

Other women may feel the need to make a sort of shift, but aren’t really sure what they want to do or where to start. What steps do they take to address this yearning? Should they do anything at all?

Join us LIVE Monday, September 14th at 6pm EST, as we talk about this cosmic shift, and decide if it is real or imagined, and how it is affecting women today.

Our panel expert is Michele Landers, a dynamic and gifted lecturer, teacher, author and consultant on the subjects of personal empowerment, the law of attraction and numerology. Recognized and highly regarded as an authority in her field, her book, The Tao of Numbers, is a detailed study of the science of numbers. Michele is a much sought after radio, media personality and speaker who has taught hundreds of classes, speaking to packed houses throughout the world. She has helped thousands of clients nationwide to gain clarity and direction in their lives and to discover their own unique talents. Find out more here: Michele Landers.

Our “real life” expert is Ruby Hands, the owner of Ruby’s School of Metaphysics & Psychic Sciences in Hobe Sound, FL. Through her workshops and personal counseling, Ruby has extensive experience with women who have recently experienced a significant transition in their lives, or are currently experiencing a stressful event. She will give us insight into the real life scenarios of women around us.

Remember to tune into this live radio show by visiting www.w4cy.com, on Monday, September 14th at 6:00pm EST. This is going to be a great show!

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