Holistic Solutions for Subconscious Stress with Teresa Maron on The Nancy Ferrari Show

Tune in to The Nancy Ferrari Show airing live on September 8th, 9:00 am PT/12:00 pm ET on W4CY Radio and K4HD Radio as Nancy Ferrari’s featured guest is Teresa Maron, an expert on Holistic Solutions for Subconscious Stress, and author of her book “The Cause of All Disease is Stress”, (eBook) which teaches you how to  Remove Stress, Reverse Aging, Reduce Disease, Create Better Cells.   Teresa’s book teaches you to Remove Stress from your energy field to Reverse the Signs of Aging and Reduce the Symptoms of Disease. This happens because you start to Create Better healthier Cells. It’s powerful, in just 15 minutes a day.
Teresa is not just referring to the stress that we have no control over, the traffic, weather or the neighbor’s loud dog … she’s talking about the deeper stress, stress that we hide, from our clients, our friends, our family … and even from ourselves. We bury it under the surface, lurking in denial, a ticking time bomb, under the façade of I am OK. This is deadly stress. And it’s hard to talk about.
Are you compromised with subconscious programs that are working against your conscious spoken intention?
Teresa found a method of dealing with this stress for herself about 11 years ago and became so excited that she completely changed her career focus to research it.  She’ll share her story, and what happened next, and will also tell you the Absolute #1 Worst Possible Disease Causing Health Risk that affects Everyone( really) just about 99%! And once you learn about it you see it everywhere.
We are all SO creative in the ways we handle stress, We are really quite good at it. It’s one of the most creative things we do. We adjust, compromise and stay in denial to its affects on our health, happiness and ability to succeed.

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