Joe Talley, having been involved in law enforcement and criminal justice for many years of his life and seeing a tremendous need for reform and change in our county, is now seeking the Office of Sheriff, Palm Beach County.  Joe wants to be certain that the fine people in the sheriff’s office are able to focus and direct their full attention to the safety of our citizens, and wants to ensure there is fairness and integrity within the leadership of the agency. Joe wants to focus on major areas of concern that need great attention: public trust, fiscal responsibility, fairness in promotions, assignments and an array of internal issues.  With a budget of nearly one-half of a billion dollars, oversight is needed to ensure that tax dollars are being spent wisely using the agency’s precious personnel resources to their fullest potential for a true, honest, ethical mission.  As Sheriff, Joe will invite oversight by the County Commission and by the Inspector General‘s Office.  The taxpayer deserves the assurance that their expensive public safety resources are being managed with excellence and that a good steward is at the helm.

Joe served for twenty-two (22) years with the Baltimore County Police Department, promoted through each rank with the last six years at the rank of Major. Joe holds an A. A. in Law Enforcement, a B.S. in Criminal Justice. He is a graduate of the following prestigious police training academies: F.B.I National Academy, Southern Police Institute, Federal Executive Institute, U.S. Secret Service Dignitary Protection School.  Joe has completed hundreds of specialized trainings over the span of his career and maintained affiliation with these coveted schools. Joe is also a recipient of numerous honors, awards, and commendations. Joe was a member of the Reserve Unit of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office for five (5) years and was promoted through to rank of Lieutenant.  At that rank was awarded Deputy of the Year, 2003.  Joe has seen the agency from the outside and from within and has identified many areas of concern and need for improvement.  He has worked in the private sector as Corporate Security Director, and has served for years as a Board Member of the Village of Wellington Public Safety Committee.  

Joe believes a good leader is one who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.  Joe feels that the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office needs more than a new start, it needs a new heart.  Joe has a passion for Law Enforcement and a compassion for people involved within the profession and for those served by the profession.   Joe’s career in law enforcement was a blessed one and his professional experience and education has prepared him to take this bold step filled with promising objectives to serve and protect the citizens.

Please visit Joe’s website at  Follow him on Facebook at “Joe Talley for Sheriff” or follow on Twitter @ Talley4Sheriff.

VOTE: August 14, 2012.  Early voting dates: August 4th-11th

This is a Non-Partisan election and is open to ALL Voters.

Joe Talley for Sheriff, P.O. Box 212518, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33421, 561-383-1880

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