Important! Teens look to help teens on radio show

Please Forward to All You Know.  Let’s Help the Kids!

Get Real! Straight Talk to Teens from Teens! Hosted by Rachael & Rachel

Check out the debut of the newest show taking W4CY Radio by storm featuring my daughter and her friend as hosts.  This show is a mission to help teens all over.  Please support their cause.  These two teens are looking to make a difference in the happiness and success of kids.  We need to spread the word to everybody in order to solve many of the teen problems of today and the future.  Tell everyone you know to tune in at 6PM to in order to help their cause. All you have to do is go onto to the website and you will automatically hear the show. The debut show is tomorrow, which is Thursday, May 28th.  The topics will be abuse and bullying.  Together, let’s help to stop the violence and the sadness.

Speak Your Mind! Call in to 561-340-1490


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