Getting Inspired and Changing Your Life!

We hear it everyday – people who want a different life, but just don’t know where to start. Or perhaps they SAY they want to make positive change in their lives but their HEART isn’t in it, so the changes just never happen. What is that missing element? What stirs the heart, mind, and soul to SHIFT into a higher gear and get motivated to improve? It’s INSPIRATION!

So how the heck do you find that? The local bookstore is full of self-help books, the internet has tons of motivating websites, and we all know our friends have endless ideas of what WE need to do change OUR lives! It’s something more – it’s inspiration and it comes from inside.

Join us MONDAY on REAL WOMEN LIVE as we talk about GETTING INSPIRED AND CHANGING YOUR LIFE with our guest Allyson Lipnack founder of WE ALL NEED INSPIRATION. She will talk about how YOU can be happy everyday, be grateful, how to change a negative situation into a positive, how to get inspired after a bad break up or when you’re going through a break up… or relationship, how to empower yourself, and take responsibility for your actions instead of blaming other people.

It’s MONDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 23RD AT 6:00PM ET. To listen, just click on this website: at that time and enter our chatroom to be part of the show! We’ll read your questions and comments on the air!

To learn more about Allyson, click, to learn more about REAL WOMEN LIVE click here: RWL.

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