Intertainment Tuesday

It’s Intertainment Tuesday here at W4CY and to start it off let’s get you motivated to face life with the Power Hour. At 12pm with “The Power of Music” where heavy music meets heavy motivation. Tune in with Dean Piper as he plays heavy metal music to get you pumped to go out and grab your day and make it work for you. Today. This show will keep you rocking out while you go out and experience all that the day will bring. That’s “The Power of Music” today at 12pm on

After you get yourself motivated keep your spirits high at 1pm with the “The Power of You”. Join Dean Piper as he gets you motivated to face the day with powerful a powerful show that will keep you Intertained from beginning to end and give you the confidence you need to succeed in life and business. That’s “The Power of You” Today at 1pm on

From the power of people to the power of politics W4CY keeps it moving on Intertainment Tuesday. Today at 2pm it’s “Voice of the People "hosted by Politician, Educator, Personality Harriet Lerman. Tune in to get an inside look into the newest political notification book to hit the market on “Voice of the People” today at 2pm on

From seriousness to craziness W4CY has it all. After the peoples voices have been herd it’s time to let the crazy minds of Peter and Piper take over the airwaves with “The Peter Piper Show” the Howard Stern Show of internet radio. Tune in to find out what Peter and Piper have up their sleeves for today’s show. SPECIAL GUEST this week: Marc Durso of Act True Act True brings proven, professional NY creative acting process to actors in LA, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami. You never know what to expect when these two put their twisted minds together. That’s “The Peter Piper” Show, today at 3pm on

After you catch your breath from the The Peter Piper Show, it’s time to relax and let your patriotic spirit take flight with W4CY’s show that sadlutes the proud and honorable people of our American Military. At 4pm its time for "The Knapster Show" a Soldier Still Serving. Tune in to listen to a show that truly gives respect to all branches of the military and informs you about programs and events that help veterans of all wars past and present. If you served or have a friend or relative serving in the military then this is a show that you defiantly want to listen to. “The Knapster Show” today at 4pm on

Blast the Horns and let the guitars jam at 6pm it’s time for “Ska Safari” with Rude Boy Rising. Join W4CY as we jump into the world of Ska music and join Rude Boy Rising as he plays popular ska music along with info about Ska Bands like Oingo Boingo along with what is happening with Ska today. Join us on this Safari into one of the most unique genera’s of music. That’s “Ska Safari” today at 6pm on

After you’ve had your fill of Horn’s blasting it’s time to sit back and relax with W4CY’s most popular talk show “Peter’s Living Room”. Variety is the theme of the show. On today’s show, Peter’s guest’s are the cast, producer, star and the composer of the sound track for this soon to be released film” The Incubus”. Listen to them talk about their experiences and of course listen to composer Anthony Espina play from the soundtrack Live in Peter’s Livingroom. Tune in tonight at 7pm at for a show that will truly be one to remember

After you’ve relaxed it’s time to leave the living and head out into the country with That’s Life with Nashville Recording Artist JD Danner & Friends. Join JD and her friends Manny(Who Cares) and Joanie with her Fashion Finds and Felonies. Tune in for a show with entertaining conversations and skits and great live music performed by JD herself. GET LIVE ON THE SHOW:
Phone: (561) 340-1490 Chat:
Text: (954) 253-0373 seriousness

After you’ve experienced the joys of country music follow W4CY and DJ Frank as they take you to pulse pounding world of dance music with “Party Nation” Join DJ Frank tonight at 10pm as he plays for you the latest and greatest dance music around. You don’t need to suffocate in a club to get great music; all you need is a computer and to get the experience of going to a club without all the hassle. Dance the night away with Party Nation tonight at 10pm on

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