It’s Intertainment Tuesday

Hi everyone. Peter from Peter’s Livingroom here. I just love Intertainment Tuesday’s. The afternoon is informative and fun with such shows as the Power of Music,Peoples Choice and the Knapster Show. Harriet gets your blood boiling and the Knapster informs and supports inititives that help and aid all military, whether currently serving or one of our endeared veterans. We can’t forget the irreverent Peter Piper Show at 3 PM. Those guys are NUTS!. Then at 6 PM the music starts! SKA Safari, peter’s Livingroom, That’s Life and Party Nation. I don’t think there’s any One Stop Shop that gives you such an assortment of shows. Log on early and stay with us. I am sure there will be some contests and giveaways. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones. Call in or just be active in the W4CY Chat room. Whichever you choose, I hope to see you on W4CY Radio.

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