January Jones -Advocacy Heals U with Joni Aldrich & Chris Jerry


MEET: Joni James Aldrich
Joni Aldrich is the CEO of Cancer Lifeline Publications, and she produces international radio programs that are available both live and on demand to spread her message of HOPE. Joni advocates and speaks out for patient rights and education, cancer families, caregiver rights, and cancer care legislation in honor of her husband and mother who were both lost to cancer.

Until her 43-year-old husband was diagnosed with cancer, life was “normal”; Joni didn’t know anything about cancer or caregiving. After Gordon’s rare form of blood cancer spread to his brain, he lost his struggle for life. As Joni set out to rebuild her life after his death, she felt an overwhelming need to share the story about what happened to them. The hard lessons they experienced through the cancer steep learning curve didn’t save Gordon, but Joni was determined to help others be empowered, alert and involved patients and families.


MEET: Christropher S. Jerry
Writer, Speaker, Radio Host, and Patient Safety Advocate Christopher Jerry is the President and CEO of the Emily Jerry Foundation. EJF was founded to raise awareness about preventable medical errors with particular emphasis on medication errors. After an intravenous compounding error by an untrained pharmaceutical technician caused the tragic death of his daughter, Emily, Chris dedicated his life to preventing other families from suffering through a similar heartbreak. He is heavily involved with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. The contribution of his tragic and inspirational story to Advocacy Heals U, the book, has made this publication possible.

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