January Jones sharing “Cash Under The Mattress” with Sally Lamb


January Jones sharing “Cash Under The Mattress” with Sally Lamb and Philip Giroux

Take the ‘unexpected’ out of death
New ‘grab and go’ handbook makes legacy, estate preparation easy
LOS ANGELES – According to a study by Boston College, an estimated $41 trillion will transfer from the World War II and Baby Boomer generations to heirs by the year 2052, making it the largest transfer of wealth in America’s history.
So how will you keep track of your family’s legacy?
Authors Philip Giroux and Sally Lamb provide the answer in Cash Under the Mattress, an in- depth estate inventory handbook that allows users to map out their own legacy. Having both faced the sudden loss of their parents, Giroux and Lamb understand firsthand the importance of eliminating the second-guessing, confusion and anxiety that comes with the loss of a loved one and allocation of assets.
“In spite of our advance planning, it was only in the aftermath of my parents’ deaths that I realized we’d overlooked a lot of critical information,” recalls Giroux. “The emotional transition of dealing with death was more layered and demanding than I had anticipated, and quite simply, I was ill-equipped to tie up all the loose ends of their estate.”
Pared down to the essentials, Cash Under the Mattress is a short, simple and user-friendly handbook that makes planning effortless. Offering in-depth checklists to “fill in the blank” of one’s life, the guidebook is designed to minimize and, in most cases, eliminate unanswered questions, unknown wishes and possible conflicts between potential beneficiaries.
“We both know what it’s like to be unprepared when a loved one passes, so we wanted to help others avoid what we faced,” says Lamb. “The loss of someone you love is never easy, but there are steps and preventative measures you can take to smooth the path before you
About the authors
Philip Giroux is the president of Toddco Landscape, Co., Inc., a design-build landscape firm in Venice, Calif. He was inspired to write Cash Under the Mattress after he lost his parents. He currently writes, lectures and does radio and TV interviews on the subject of landscape.
Sally Lamb is a professional artist with a BFA from the University of Southern California. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. Lamb was inspired to co- author Cash Under the Mattress after the loss of her parents as well as due to her first hand experience with natural disasters. Lamb believes that being prepared for all types of emergencies is invaluable. This book serves as a “private emergency kit ” for the reader.

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