January Jones sharing “The Hope Coach” with Tawana Williams

Tawana Williams “The Hope Coach”

A Personal JFK Story

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About Tawana Williams:

Tawana is a highly sought after keynote Motivational Speaker, Author, Television Personality, Artist (she draws with her feet,) Vocalist, Businesswoman, Mother, Wife, Mentor and CEO of Tawana Williams Outreach, Inc. a Non for Profit Organization. She has a powerful and uplifting message for people of all walks of life. Her compelling story is one of triumph, perseverance and determination. She became a professional speaker in 1996 and travels with her husbandToby throughout the country speaking in churches, schools, day cares, nursing homes, prisons, drug rehabilitation centers, corporations and organizations. Her motto is “No More Excuses,” if you want it-go get it.


Tawana Williams is “The Hope Coach” and she’s teaching others throughout the world how to live a “No Excuse Lifestyle.” Her dreams are to create and host her own Talk Show, Motivational Reality Show, her Debut Movie in Theaters “Unarmed But Dangerous” and Philanthropist efforts to help the human race. Today, she’s a Les Brown Platinum Speaker and resides in Wilson, North Carolina with her husband ‘Toby.’


Tawana’s Accomplishments:

Tawana Williams has been featured on The Jerry Springer Show sharing her story of (Beating the Odds) The Judge Hatchett Show to mentor a troubled teen, The WORD Network-twice, Manna Express TV, The Balancing Act onLifetime Television, She’s been interviewed twice by Oprah’s Producers by telephone. Her story has been told in several National Magazines such as Homes of Color, Epitome and Hope for Women Magazines to name a few. She’s the former Spokesperson for The Agape Gospel Academy in Atlanta, Georgia from (2008-2011.) Tawana produced her own Radio Motivational Talk Show that was syndicated in more than a million households in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee. She and her husband Toby were crowned Mr. & Mrs. AGAPE where Bishop Paul S. Morton & Dr. Juanita Bynum II were honored. She’s received countless Awards, Honors, Certificates, Accolades and she’s been featured in numerous Newspaper articles.

Tawana has been featured on many regional and national television programs. She’s been mentored and coached personally and professionally by World Renowned Motivational Speaker Les Brown since 2005. Her story has been featured in numerous national magazines and she’s also Lobbying Congress for Family Assistant Rest Rooms in every Airport throughout America (F.A.R.R.) she is definitely a force to be reckoned with and will fight for what she wants and believes.

Tawana has written five books. Her 1st book “I’m Different But I Can” is her children’s book with activities, puzzles and crosswords. Her 2nd book is “Unarmed But Dangerous” The Tawana Williams Story of Relentless Struggle and Ultimate Victory, this book is her personal testimony and her Best Seller which will be featured as her Debut Movie in Theaters in the near future. Her 3rd book is “Motivation for the Soul”-Move or be Moved, this is a collaborative book of amazing stories with Tawana and 17 of her Circle of friends. Her 4th book is Da-Bomb” SYSTEMS That Create a Wealthy Mind-Set! this is her book of Systems, Practical Principals, Tips and Wealthy Strategies that will change your life, challenge you and teach you how to get what you want. Her 5th and latest book is “Mind Interrupted”-Experiencing Technical Difficulties this book was written after she suffered a Stroke on November 27, 2011. Months later Tawana released this book on July 21, 2012. This book will instruct you to move, apply and pay attention to your thoughts, your mind and your life. That traumatic experience changed Tawana’s life forever.


What you’ll learn at Tawana’s Presentations:

• How to personally develop who you are.


• How to move from Mediocrity to Abundance.


• How to create what you want.


• How to take control/ownership of your life.


• How to be Totally Committed to your life.


• Self-Motivation, Focus, & Planning are key facts to Constant Success.


• How to move from Ordinary to Extraordinary.


• How to live a life with “No More Excuses.”


• How to help the Disabled/Wounded Soldiers overcome their Adversities.


• How to Stop being a Procrastinator.

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