January Jones welcomes Gail Minogue, reknown Numerologist!

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Trends, Events & Forecasts Based on Ancient &

Modern Cycles.

About Trends Analyst Gail Minogue:

Gail Minogue, author of the numerology book, “Divine Design—How You Created the Life You Are Living”, one of the best and most complete books on numerology.

Gail is the creator of the DVD “New World Renaissance” (a numerological interpretation of the current trends and event) helps people achieve insight into their life purpose, embrace change and become master builders of their lives.

"Divine Design Book" how you created the life you are living

“Divine Design Book” how you created the life you are living

About Gail’s Numerology

Gail’s extraordinary approach, using Pythagorean numerology and modern-day cycles, provides her clients with remarkable results. When choosing among the numerology booksonline, “Divine Design—How You Created the Life You Are Living”, is one of the easiest books to help you learn “numerology explained”.

Excerpt from “Divine Design–How You Created the Life You Are Living

……..”When you are finished growing during this lifetime, you will discard the physical body that you were using during your stay and you will move on, taking with you only what you learned while you were here. Nothing more! People ask me all the time, what am I here to do? You are here to grow. It is as simple as that.

Individualizing Your Plan to Survive the Economic Storm (1Hour)

Individualizing Your Plan to Survive the Economic Storm (1Hour)

You cannot take anything with you except what your Soul learned. Even your personality is dissolved. That is why it is very important to understand what it is you are to focus your time and energy on. When a person has no idea what they are to do here or what is their purpose, what happens eventually is that the person becomes what I call ‘divinely discontented.’


They don’t like their jobs, they’re in an unhappy relationship, they don’t like where they live, and a whole series of ‘discontents’ come into play. Sooner or later the Soul cries out for relief. We sometimes call these times ‘crises’ or dark nights of the Soul.”

Bridging two worlds—Business and Spiritual

With over 25 years studying Sacred Geometry and ancient sciences combined with her unique background in the financial areas (Gail has been a licensed Commodities Broker since 1987), Gail is no stranger to managing the ups and downs of life and its ever-changing cycles.

During this time and with the help of enlightened teachers, she learned the Universal Laws dealing with Order.

In addition to working with an individual during her numerology readings, Gail also provides numerology information in her numerology courses, lectures and media events.

Gail believes you were born with a specific name and a specific birth date. Within these two and your numerology chart, you will discover and analyze your life path, your karmic connections, your best time to act and much more.

Through her numerology interpretation Gail can find numerology master numbers, numerology number meanings, relationship numerology, numerology birth characteristics and your numerology personal year.

Of high importance to individuals is the personal relationship with a significant other. Gail is able to look at both charts

Gail Minogue Numerology Books

Gail Minogue Numerology DVD

and, through numerology matchings, is able to assist the individual by letting them become aware of the other person’s true qualities. It could almost be called “numerology love” because the numerology reading and the numerology calculations can tell the true story of the relationship. It is very powerful.

Business and Groups

This same numerology chart application works with a business, a city, town, state country and even your house. Everything has a numerology history. In addition to Gail’s individual assistance, Gail also works with organizations and corporations to analyze the numerology meanings of the group.

This is very helpful in the analysis of the employees and management. This aids in the hiring of a new employee as well as changing positions of existing employees. The timing is critical and a consultation can reveal a clearer picture of what needs to be done and who is best to do it.


History will look back one day and tell us how everything existed prior to 2008 and how it changed forever after that year. Economic upheaval, vast social changes, political chaos, wars and conflicts are some of the events impacting our lives. What are the current and future trends? The numerology significance factor cannot be underestimated.

Numerology, Current Trends,

You can read many books on the Ancient mystical teachings of numbers and astrology. Many people get emerged in the facets of these teachings but few read the unspoken language of this information and fewer still see the symbolic relationship of numbers and signs to our life experience.

We are living a particular Age, with particular numeric patterns. Because of this cycle, we will experience and witness certain events, trends and changes to the human experience. It is not punishment or reward. It is neutral but always creating anew.

Law Of Order

One of the first laws that we work under is the law of order. Things here must be kept in order. The entire universe has a particular order.

Just because we do not yet understand it all, does not mean it does not exist. At one time we thought the world was flat and that germs were non-existent. We now know otherwise. In time we will come to understand this precise order and learn to work with it rather than defy it.

It is vital that we begin to think of trends, events, circumstances and structures as part of a greater invisible plan that is operating at all times and cannot be destroyed.

Life’s Direction

As much as we are ignorant to its purpose and design, we live under its direction. Once we begin to wake up to an awareness of it, our lives can become more in line with its natural rhythm. We can understand the necessity for it and can stop flailing ourselves against its manifestations.

We may not like downsizing, contracting, limitations and learning to live with less in the present but we can understand that it is a natural flow. Nature never wastes. Since we are built of and by nature, our natural countenance is generous and prudent, intelligent and creative. When we go against our own true nature, we ourselves enlist our self preservation mode and make the corrections.

Numerology Book Gail Minogue

Numerology Book Gail Minogue

The Importance of Ancient Science and Numerology

By understanding the various ancient cycles and by observing the modern day cycles, Gail has the ability to connect seemingly disconnected events and present the greater picture of our times. She pulls from ancient cycles materials related to timing and structures and connects them to current events that will produce a future result.

In this era of realism, skepticism and caution, we can learn how best to implement change and improve our quality of life as well as the quality of the bottom line by working with Gail and her numerology information.

All of her studies add an inner dimension to her outstanding ability to facilitate personal growth. This highly specialized combination of practical “real-world” experience and holistic inner teachings allows Gail to bridge the two worlds.

With Gail’s help, people learn to recognize their true value and maximize their talents and skills.

She travels worldwide with her workshops, lectures and guest appearances and is the author of:

Divine Design – How You Created the Life You Are Living

and the DVD New World Renaissance.

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