January Jones-Terri Levine Business Buzz


January Jones-Terri Levine Business Buzz



Byline: Terri Levine, PhD is the owner of Terri Levine Worldwide and is a business and executive coach, and experienced entrepreneur. She assists businesses worldwide with business growth, sales and marketing. She has more than 30 years of business experience, encompassing work with more than 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. She is also a best-selling author and keynote speaker.

Terri’s most recent venture is her Business Growth System, which combines Terri’s passion for helping businesses to grow with her own personal experience gained while building multiple successful business from the ground up. The Business Growth System takes a global view of a client’s business, to get a full picture of any hidden assets that the business may have.

Once identified, those assets (such as unique talents, past customers, vendor/supplier relationships) are deployed within a custom marketing plan, unique to each business and their particular goals and customer base.

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