January Jones welcomes Roberta Budvietas from New Zealand on Wednesday, May 15th at 9 pm ET!

January Jones welcomes Roberta Budvietas from New Zealand on Wednesday, May 15th at 9 pm ET! 


Mentor Stopping Thieves stealing Success at Get Out of Stuck 

“Who Stole My Success?”

Stop These 21 Thieves of Success 

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Stop These 21 Thieves of Success

By Roberta Budvietas, Business Mentor


Suggestion to stop the thief

Your self talk

Watch what you say about yourself

SNIOPEs (Subject to the negative influence of others)

Let no one else, especially family and friends define or limit you

Time thieves

Stay in control of your time. Set a time to handle the phone, emails, visitors


Remember that hindsight is almost perfect but doing nothing means you achieve nothing so give it a go


Identify what is URGENT and what is important and keep your goals  in mind when setting priorities

Money Attitude

Develop an attitude to money that establishes your self-worth and stay aware of your attitude about worth, value and money

Breaking your word

When you break your word with others, you first break your word with yourself so only give your word (promise) when you intend to keep it.

Doing things partway

Finish what you start and finish it to the best of your ability. You can revisit and amend later but do your best first time

Assuming you know what the other person is thinking

Restrict the number of assumptions you make about any situation to 0. That way you always get clarity about what they are thinking (HARD)

Forgetting that others are self-centered

Remember that everyone ‘s world revolves around themselves and they seldom really think or care about what you want or need so be clear in how you help others and what you want in return

Misunderstanding what tribes are all about

Gangs, tribes , family and friends all come with obligations. Understanding the rules and expectations of the tribe, helps you achieve more.

Misunderstanding the money cycle

Unless you understand the basics of money, economics, debt and finance, your attitude to money will be limited

Giving too much because of self-worth perception

Giving is good, especially at the start of a relationship but you need to allow the other side to give back too. That way you get a win-win

Coping when things go wrong

Remember that things go wrong. Develop techniques that reduce your panic and stress when they do.

Mismanaging the little things

Do things simply and once only. Saves later on time and allocation. Develop simple systems for common daily activities to reduce stress and problems

The Do-it-all yourself syndrome

Yes you can do it all yourself but sometimes it is better to get help. Remember that your children and partners learn to help and share your excitement and that builds better people when you get them to help out

Forgetting the big picture and getting caught up in the details

Remember that while the details are important, many details are time wasters rather than time savers because they fail to help you achieve your goal

No Preparation

Always take time to find out what you need to know and do before doing something. It will save time and reduce stress and costs.

No Plan

A simple plan that says do this and this and this to achieve that helps keep your on track for achieving your objectives

No Action to achieve performance

Unless you get up off the couch and do something nothing happens so prepared and plan but then do the work

Afraid to learn

Develop a habit of learning something new every day and work to improve your mind and body daily.

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