Kids Cook Monday – RECIPES. Thur. 1pm ET


Simply put, this is all about turning your kitchen into a family night on Mondays so they can at least help you cook dinner.  The creator of this movement is our guest, Diana Rice, RDN (The Monday Campaigns). She was moved to do so because research suggests that kids who eat family dinners together get better grades in school, develop communication skills and are less likely to try drugs… plus they are less likely to be obese.  “Cooking also reinforces skills to help kids succeed in math, teamwork and following instructions.” If any one of these results move you to get on board with Kids Cook Monday, then this is the show for you.  Along with Co-Host, Stacey Antine, RDN (HealthBarn USA) Diana will not only inspire you to make Monday your family cooking and dining together night, they will make it super healthy, easy, fun and delicious to do so.

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to join Diana, Stacey and me as we encourage you to set aside the first night of the week for cooking and eating together! Thursday, 1pm ET, on and

Call in with your questions, opinions and comments: 561-422-4365.  We love hearing from you!

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If you miss the live show, tune in on Sunday, 1pm ET,

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