It’s that time of year when we’re whisked off to holiday parties, family gatherings, and just plain out find ourselves surrounded by swarms of people. The small talk can feel tedious and pointless and there are times when we just can’t see the use of one more conversation, no more idle chitchat….but wait, it just may be worth it to continue talking.

What if you could make every connection count? What if every conversation held nuggets of inspiration, moments of magic, and sparkle with each word? What if you could think of it as relationship building at every level? Knowing how to put the personal in business relationships and how not to take things personal in the personal relationships, is the key to truly connecting with others. But how?

Tune into our REAL WOMEN LIVE show tomorrow, Monday night, at 6:00pm ET as we discuss how to MAKE EVERY CONNECTION COUNT! Our guest is Kate Volman, VP of Business Dev. for the Boca Raton Chamber, founder of FAB (Female & Beautiful) and a certified SCORE counselor. To listen to the show and join our conversation in the chatroom, go to this link on Monday at 6:00pm ET –

See ya then – happy talking!

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