Men Don’t Pee Straight: And Other Things You Should Know About Us”

Tune in live Monday, October 29th, 9:00 a.m. PST/12:00 p.m. EST on The Nancy Ferrari Show, as Nancy Ferrari features Rick Dean, author of Men Don’t Pee Straight: And Other Things You Should Know About Them highlights shocking stereotypes society holds about men!  This laugh-out-loud book about men’s odd habits and quirks are shared by Rick Dean who reveals that most of the stereotypes women hold about men are true!

Illustrated with hilarious cartoons, this laugh-out-loud book will leave readers in stitches.  Frank and humorous, this tongue-in-cheek volume is unafraid to show what men do best and what they do worst.  Rick Dean was inspired to write down his comedic observations after looking at his life. He realized that in his actions and habits, he fulfilled most of the negative preconceptions others have about men and embraced his boorish manliness and waved a proud flag of defiance.

“Deep inside, everyone understands the reality,” says Rick Dean. “The best we can do is simply grimace, take notes and move on.”

Rick Dean is unafraid to expose his own ineptness at cultivating long-lasting romances with the fairer sex.  After blundering through one relationship after another, he has come to a profound and moving understanding of how not to keep a girlfriend happy. So he shares his insights into women, or at least what guys like Rick Dean claim to know about ladies.

Join us this morning for an entertaining conversation about relationships and how we expand on these quirks to achieve effective communication within relationships!


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