Nature Can Be A Mother

Nature and the Earth have always been referred to as female, (Mother Nature and Mother Earth), and we refer to her activities as cycles – the ebb and flow of the sea, the rise and setting of the sun, the circle of seasons we experience. We are encouraged to love her and are warned “Don’t Mess with Mother Nature” because her wrath can be brutal. Many studies are showing this to be true – the landslides from deforestation, the eradication of animal species to population growth, toxins in our water supply from pollution. If this is what is going on with our Mother Nature of the Earth, what are the effects when we fool with the Mother Nature of our bodies?

Women’s bodies are very much in alignment with processes and timing. Our monthly cycles and menopause, the nine month span of pregnancy, the aging process, even having woman’s intuition – all of these are internal systems which we do not have to control, they just happen naturally, by nature. However, over the past decade we are seeing more and more instances of interfering with these natural occurrences, especially from the medical community. So what will be the short term and long term effects of these actions? Will the female body seeks its wrath and revolt?

Join us on REAL WOMEN LIVE Monday, October 4th at 6:00pm EST as we discuss this topic! On our panel we’ll have Lisa Kelly and Shelia Love, who both have extensive experience in helping women and their internal Mother Nature!

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