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Bill Piechocki and Diane Sudduth are co-owners of Fiesta Pet Deli in Festival Flea Market Mall at 2900 W. Sample Road, Pompano. Bill Piechocki has a degree in animal science and 40 years experience in the pet industry including working as a pet nutritionist. He has raised show dogs and also trained dogs. Dr. Diane Sudduth has a DVM as well as master’s degree in Parasitology and Public Health. She also served as a Veterinary Medical Officer for the FDA and USDA for 10 years. Currently she consults for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

You can contact them at: 954-971-2500, petdeli@BioVanceAH

Based on a vision of where pet health needs to meet the changing role of pets in our lives and the lack of a common sense, holistic based approach to keeping you pet happy and healthy, Pet Health Café was born.

Everyday through our retail dealers, our internet partners, and our own clients, we help pet owners and caregivers face the ever daunting challenge of providing economical and value solutions in health maintenance, feeding and nutritional programs for both preventive care and challenged pets, and holistic and natural approaches to all pet problems.

Our approach is presented live weekly on the Pet Health Café radio program and its’ website, in simple, easy to understand programs to feed and care for your pet. Tune in at or .

Why listen to us? Here’s what you will hear:

  • Dogs can live to 30 years  and cats over 35……we tell you the secrets
  • Do you know what’s really in that expensive holistic & natural pet food that’s killing you pet?
  • Do you know the vaccinations you pet are required to have?
  • And the effect of the extra vaccinations your vet is insisting your pet needs?
  • Do preventive products really work? And what are the side effects?
  • Are allergies really allergies or side effects of something else?
  • What is the cause of doggie ADD and cat “crazies”?
  • Why is your vet bill is too much and usually not necessary.
  • How to interview and select a good vet
  • How and what to test for when your pet is ill.
  • Interviews with pet professionals, groomers, trainers, alternative care providers and more.
  • And much more!

We bring you answers to your pet health care questions with the most up-to-date breakthroughs in the natural and holistic medical and veterinary community.

We bring you cutting edge new products for the pet and pet owner.

And most importantly, we really care….. my 40 years in the industry formulating foods and designing products for professionals and Dr. Diane’s expert knowledge of veterinary medicine from the  practice side as well as working in the FDA and the USDA give us an insight and perspective unlike any other team in the animal health field.

If you love your pets like we do ours, you must tune in and experience the ever eye opening information and insight, along with our personal pet experiences.

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