Psychic Who Me?!

“Anyone who is operating from only their five senses these days is at a decided disadvantage.”
Susan Dintino

When is the last time you had a hunch about something that you followed and it proved to be exactly what you needed to do? We can call this a coincidence but if you look at it from a different perspective you will see that you are using an ability that you have that is as real as any of your other senses.  Whether you call it intuition, ESP or being psychic we all have this sixth sense.  The leap comes when we trust the information enough to act on it.  Start noticing these insights you have.  Trust that although they are not coming from your physical senses they are just as reliable and the more you practice with them the better you will get at discerning their guidance. This week, Tuesday, April 12 on The Night Shift join me as we discuss the different types of ways you can receive intuitive advice and the best way to use it. Taking your calls and questions in the chat too!  If you haven’t joined our Facebook group yet please do. Here is a link to make it easy!

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