REAL MEN – Where Are You? We Want You!

Chatting with my women friends and colleagues, the subject invariably turns to men. And I gotta tell ya, we’re a little disappointed right now with what we’re seeing out there! What is going on with the men of the world?

Here’s the deal – these are the kinds of statements that we’re hearing from men:

– Women are emasculating men today.
– Women are acting like men in the workplace where it’s okay, but then they are bringing it home and it’s not right. Women want to wear the pants in the family.
– Men are confused about their roles today, men don’t know how women want to be treated.
– Women have forgotten how to be sexy and how to please a man.
– Successful businesswomen need to learn how to play dumb and make men feel smart if they ever want a relationship with a man.
– Women act like they don’t need men anymore.
– Independent, confident women are unattractive – men want quiet, sweet women who know how to make a man feel like a powerful protector.
– Women have forgotten how to be good wives, mothers, and lovers.

So what is bringing this on, and how do we solve it?

Here’s what I think – I think men need to step it up a notch and let me tell you why:
As strong successful businesswomen who also play the roles of wife or girlfriend, mother, housekeeper, and whatever you want to load our platter with, we’re a little overwhelmed. Over the past 30 years, we’ve been able to prove ourselves in the business world by acting like the men, but we haven’t relinquished any of our other roles involving family and housekeeping. Men continue being the men they were in the 1950’s and we try to morph ourselves into some kind of superwomen attempting to manage all aspects of life, while never dropping a ball. We continually reinvent ourselves to adapt to whatever life brings our way, and we look over at the average man who just plods along each day without passion, without stretching his limits and opening his mind.

In the midst of all of this, men are telling us that we need to dumb it down, act sexy, be feminine, downplay our ambitions, and position ourselves to be more manageable. What’s a girl to do?

So, as women, we are redefining what it means to us FOR YOU to be a MAN. We still want strong, powerful providers and protectors, but gentlemen, WE ARE RAISING THE BAR!!!!!! We don’t care so much about your bank statement, what car you drive or what college you went to – oh no, we want so much more! Just ask Pamela Anderson’s electrician boyfriend or Julia Robert’s cameraman husband. We need you to be there for us on good and bad days, emotionally support us in our business ventures, tell us we’re smart AND sexy, laugh at OUR jokes as we laugh at yours, and VALUE us for whatever it is that our God-given talents offer. We may have rock-hard bodies, but as you admire these “ass-ets”, compliment us on the discipline it takes to maintain good health while feeding the poor and driving the carpool. Admire us individually in the way we best respond to your admiration, and I promise you, you will have a woman on your side who will never let you down, who will be sexually confident, who will make you feel like an amazing man among men.

All we ask is that you step up to the plate….have you got it in you?

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See you in the chatroom – we want your opinions on this, both from women and men!

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