Sometimes I forget where I put my car keys. Sometimes I forget my hot, fresh cup of coffee, sitting on the counter, as I drive away to a meeting. Sometimes I forget the directions of where I’m driving. Sometimes I forget to pick up milk on the way home. All in a day of my life, and all things that anyone can forget. But what about my relationships? Am I forgetting them, too?

Relationships with our significant others are easy to take for granted, especially when they are long-term. We get used to seeing the person everyday, and eventually we may not even really “see” them at all. We may stop noticing their lopsided smiles, the funny way they eat their peanut butter sandwiches, the way they laugh a little too loud in a quiet restaurant, or the way their eyes twinkle when they have a delicious secret. We may start to focus on what is wrong with them instead – the proverbial top to the toothpaste being left off, or they aren’t successful enough in their jobs, or they’ve let their bodies get out of shape – or hundreds of other examples, all personal to our individual circumstances. Over time, the relationship starts to deteriorate and we wonder what happened – how did we get here?

So what if this can be changed? Better yet, what if it can be prevented? Join us on REAL WOMEN LIVE as we discuss techniques to prevent THE FORGOTTEN RELATIONSHIP! We’ll be talking with Elizabeth Lerner LCSW, about ways to empower our relationships. How do you ensure that your relationships will last? Have you taken your lover for granted, or neglected to see them for the truly special person they are? Does your significant other still give you the butterflies? What can you do to keep the spark alive in your relationship, and what if your efforts are not reciprocated?

Join us at 6:00pm EST Oct. 12th as we discuss this topic with Elizabeth Lerner, LCSW, a therapist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, who specializes in women’s issues, such as marriage, divorce, anxiety, parenting, and relationship counseling.

TO LISTEN TO THIS SHOW LIVE ON MONDAY NIGHT, VISIT WWW.W4CY.COM AT 6:00PM EST! Join us in the chatroom and let us know how you keep the spark in your relationships!

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