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Do you know the signs of an eating disorder? Could you or a loved one be affected by this disease? Do you know when dieting goes too far? When exercising is just too much? Join us tonight on REAL WOMEN LIVE with our guest Kim Bancsi from The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness.

Kim will give us the warning signs of eating disorders, how to talk with someone who may have them, where to go for help, and the steps for overcoming the disease. She’ll talk about the factors that contribute to eating disorders such as psychology, culture, and genes (yes, you may be genetically pre-disposed to having an eating disorder). Eating disorders in men are also on the rise, and Kim will explain why.

Join us tonight on REAL WOMEN LIVE at 6:00pm at and post any questions or comments in our chat room! Angela Frisby and John Gallatin will see you there tonight!

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