SEX TALK – It’s Easier Than Ever!

Times are sure changing. I remember when I was growing up in the South, there wasn’t much talk about sex on TV, in the classroom, or from our parents. We learned it all from older siblings and friends, and half of what we learned was at best, well, exaggerated! It wasn’t that people weren’t having sex, it was just that no one was talking about it openly. Well, times are changing.

Perhaps it was the advent of cable television (MTV changed it all for me!), or daytime talk shows that became raunchy, or maybe we’ve just evolved to this level of openness and it’s time for us to be honest about this facet of our lives, too. Maybe it’s just age – my friends and I are all old enough now to talk openly about such a natural part of our lives and we can share our experiences – past, present, and future. Regardless of the cause, it’s time we do talk about sex openly, honestly, respectfully, and share our mutual and different opinions on this topic so we can all have more fulfilled and honest sexual relations. Hey, if we can communicate about anything, we can solve everything, right?

So how do we start conversations when the topic is sex? Join us on Monday, November 30th at 6pm ET, with our guest, sex therapist Dr. Rachel Needle as we TALK SEX! It’s sure to be interesting! So remember, go to on Monday at 6pm to listen live, and join us in the chatroom!

See you there, sexy!

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