Simple Steps to Food Safety in Your Kitchen. Recipes! Thurs. 1pm ET



“Food Safety is your most important ingredient.”  When you are cooking many foods at different times at different temperatures, you are at risk of inviting harmful bacteria into your kitchen, and thus into the food you serve your family and friends.  A passionate expert on the ways to keep your food safe from the moment you buy it, to it being swallowed for nourishment and pleasure, is our guest, Toby Amidor, RD founder of  Among many accomplishments is her role as a nutrition expert for where she writes for their Healthy Eating Blog. Together with our co-host, Kathy Siegel, RD ( we will walk through how to handle cleaning, preparing, cooking, serving and storing dishes from Baked Artichoke Yogurt Dip, Spicy Egg Wraps, and Turkey with stuffing, to Avocado salad and pumpkin pie. With Toby’s recommended food safety tips, you no longer need to be concerned about salmonella and all those other creepy invisible bacteria invading and ruining your meals and anyone’s health.

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to meet author, Toby Amidor, and join Kathy and I as we your family and you safe in your kitchen!  Thursday, November 28th, 1pm ET, on W4CY radio and

… for the health of your family,

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