Terry McDermott from NBC’s The Voice on Pursue Your Passion With Michaela Paige at 8PM ET

We have a NEW line-up taking over W4CY and W4WN tonight!

F.M.L. (Friends. Music Life.) is back on W4CY.com at 7/6c (4 P.M. ET)!
Pursue Your Passion takes over W4CY.com at 8/7c (5 P.M. PT) with special guest (and my fellow teammate)…Terry McDermott from The Voice!
Then, sliiiiide on over to W4WN.com, because Off Topic: The Michaela Paige Show will be LIVE at 9/8c (6 P.M. PT)!

We’re kicking it off in a big way, so join us!

W4CY Radio brought to you by The Intertainment Network. — with Chad Murphy and 2 others.

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