That’s All Right

She was only nineteen, a college sophomore, when she started her own sorority. Disillusioned with the superficial behaviors/attitudes of those already on campus, she wanted one that was all-inclusive of every interested female and one devoted to serving the community. Together with a hand-select group of friends, she chartered a unique service-oriented group of sisters. Girls from every corner of this prestigious university arrived to pledge. When two friends applied together, she was eager to welcome both. However, her cofounders had other ideas. The first girl was welcomed with open arms. Her friend, a bubbly, intelligent but severely overweight young woman was denied. The founder was enraged! She reminded her sisters that this was not the premise under which this sorority had been founded. But her voice went unheard. Heartbroken, the bubbly friend retreated into obscurity.

The following year, “Founder” took the position of president of the sisterhood with one objective in mind. She searched for “Bubbly” and begged her to re pledge. But “B” was adamant: “I can’t. I was totally humiliated and embarrassed. I never want to see any of those girls again.” Founder begged and apologized. Not one to take “no” for an answer, she persisted until “B” acquiesced. Once onboard, it didn’t take the others long to warm up to “B”. She proved herself to be one of the hardest working and most loved members of the chapter. End of sweet college story.

Years passed and Founder, out with some friends one evening, was approached by an attractive woman. “Hi, Founder”, she said. A look of uncertainty revealed that “F” did not recognize the woman. “It’s me, Bubbly”, she explained. “Oh, my God,” “F” proclaimed! “I’m so sorry. I didn’t recognize you.” “That’s probably because I’ve lost over a hundred pounds. I wanted you know that you totally changed my life. I will never forget your kindness. It’s because of you, I went on to have a wonderful career, married a fantastic man, and have two beautiful children.” They hugged each other tightly as tears rolled down their cheeks. After a few minutes, each continued their respective activities. End of heartwarming young adult story.

Fast forward fifteen years. Founder, now a mother with children of her own, moves to a new location. It’s always unsettling to change doctors and find qualified medical care for your children but it is absolutely imperative to find someone you can trust implicitly. Needing a physical for her oldest before he could play football, she made an appointment at a local pediatricians office. As the doctor opened the door to the examination room and looked up from her child’s chart, both mom and doctor gasped as they realized who would be caring for the medical well-being of her child – Bubbly. Serendipitous ending to a mid-life story of Divine providence.

In every situation in life, we are given the opportunity to do what others want us to do or to do what is right. Always opt to take the moral high ground – do what is right. The rewards are greater.
I can validate the authenticity of this story. “Founder” is my daughter.

But there is yet another unusual twist. Visit to read the epilogue to this story.

Janet Pfeiffer, The Secret Side of Anger, The Great Truth

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