The New and Improved MY COMMUNITY PHARMACY of Wellington

Although we aren’t exactly new we are improved. At My Community Pharmacy we not only offer the traditional medications that the Chain Drugstores carry but we stand above the competition in a couple of ways. One is our stellar customer service. Unlike the chain pharmacists we have the time and desire to learn about each and every one of our patients and what their specific needs are. You’re not just a number and we feel like you shouldn’t be treated as one. This is medication you’re getting that could keep you alive or potentially hurt you. Don’t you want to know a little about the person providing it to you?
Secondly, we offer things that no one else can, like Free Delivery. It’s hot out there and why would you want to add another chore to your list. Let us bring it to you! Also, Compounded Medications that are specially formulated for your specific body and ailment. Again… You’re not a number so your medication should reflect your weight, size, problem. There are tons of other benefits we offer. Stop in and check us out. You’ll be a patient for life.
Thank you,
Johnny Meier

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