The W4CY Family

So Chick Chatter with M & M is well underway but we couldn’t do it without the help and support of the rest of the “talent” and behind-the-scenes personnel. One of those great “behind the scenes” people is Chad, our engineer on Chick Chatter as well as the other programs. It’s a great pleasure working with someone so professional and talented as Chad, and we wanted to show our appreciation for all he does for us by checking out his gig at Island Jacks on Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm Beach. It was Bike Night and M & M are not Biker Chicks but we went anyway and all the bikers couldn’t have been nicer. So we kicked back at the bar and had a couple of shots and listened to Chad and Heather do thier thing. And their thing is pretty cool. As some of our listeners may have noted during our last show, Chad is a Country & Western Singer and this New York City girl is not a big fan of C & W but it didn’t matter, the music was awesome and the company was friendly. I was happy to see Chad outside of his normal place behind the booth there at W4CY and I know he was happy to see us too.

And speaking of the W4CY family, I met Tara at a little party thrown in honor of Chad’s birthday and couldn’t have been more impressed by what a sweetie this unique personality is! She’s got that star quality and if you’re a fan of Tara’s World mark my words, this girl is going to go pretty far. You can say you heard it here first, gang, and she got her start right here on internet radio.

By the way, we met Peter during Peters’ Living Room last week and got a little treat when he was wrapping up his program with a live banjo player. I haven’t heard a live banjo before and it was lively and fun.

Also, I caught a few minutes of the Pet Health Cafe and got in the groove during a discussion on our dogs and cats nutritional needs. As an animal expert myself, I am glad to know this information is getting “out there”.

Of course, our beloved Dean is the man when it comes to motivating us all to keep on going. He’s the motivational speaker extraordinairre with lots of flair and he’s on several times a week keeping everyone focused and on point.

So that’s our little W4CY family and it’s growing. It’s a lot of fun working with all these creative folks and it’s easy to get involved. I think anyone who has something they want to say, some expression of their creativity or artistic ability should consider getting their own show on W4CY and join our little family. You’ll love it! We’ll leave the lcd light on for you!

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