The World of Warcraft and MMORPG’s



Hello to all the FanBase listeners this is your dark keeper of the sacred blog Danny Ryde. On the last show of FanBase we were all about Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG’S). Now since the hosts of FanBase only know about the basics of MMORPG’S we thought we had better bring in people who had more in-depth knowledge about the games. So we brought in our friend Fearless Leader and for the first time on our show Da Noise.


We started the show off a little different then usual. I had acquired some new sound bits and wanted to try them out. So we opened with the Log Song from the old school cartoon Ren and Stimpy. Then we did our normal opening and did our blast of sugar which was Dai Maho Toge from the anime of the same name by Rina Satou. After sugar we went in to WTF News. The stories for this show included man gets pienes glued to stomach, Squreenix sues cosplayers for scenes resembling FF7 Advent Children Movie, hostess bar in Japan hires 12 year old girls and Nintendo busts DS Pirate. After the news we played the opening to the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who.

After the song we went into our first discussion about MMORPG’s. The topic was what is the appeal of the World of Warcraft I asked our guests why WOW is so popular. Fearless Leader’s answer was it’s popular because it allows people to get their aggression out by being annoying by brining grief to other players. Da noise says its their promotion team did a great job by glorifying group battles and quests and raids. Their final answer to my question is that it’s EASY. Da Noise described a game he is currently playing called EVE. He described it as a Mount Everest of MMORPG’s. Its a completely different world with its own economy and everything ahs a tutorial even the tutorial has a tutorial. We learned an important fact in the MMORPG of Final Fantasy even if your a level 5 it is possible to be killed by pink fluffy bunnies. We Learned that Everquest players are worse then WOW players. They don’t ever see the sun. We Learned that the best ways to get some one who is addicted to the game is to make broke poor in the game, let them get board with the game or take away their internet for a month. After the discussion Evil Jeff and Big B gave a review of Anime Festival Orlando. We Learned that Fearless leader got killed by Da Noise in AFO’s annual assassin’s game. Their dealers room was primarily anime merchandise and they had a live action role playing game that Evil did not take part in. We also learned that Big B did not meet his stalker and we gave him a good on air scolding for that. Unfortunately after that we had to make the announcement that Krysta is leaving FanBase because of school at the end of this month. So we are looking for a new female host. If you are interested please send us an email about yourself to, you must live in the west palm beach area and be able to attend show planning meetings and the show. Then we played Duvet by Boa from Serial Experiment Lain.


Then we tried something new. We did a skit with Evil Jeff’s alternate persona Pimp Man. Here’s the story you see Pimp Man is disgusted at the way many male anime characters are behaving. So he has decided to travel through the anime worlds and teach these failures how to be true pimps. His first pimp apprentice was Negi Springfield from the anime Negima. It took some doing but after a lot hard slaps to the face Negi understood how to be a true pimp and now keeps his 31 girls in line at all times. The we had a debate between Fearless Leader and Da Noise to see what the best MMORPG is. Da Noise was saying how the greatest one is Eva and his reasons are. They are on only one server, the game is it;s own universe you get to define what happens, Fearless leader argued that leaving a game completely in the hands of the players well inevitably lead to chaos and end the game. Because once the players get board the game is done. After the debate we went into the Arcade Block with Adema and immortal then Tear Drop from Assassins Creed and finally Sparkling from Tekken 5. Then we had our media releases and then Big B and Evil Jeff’s Random Thought of the Day. We then closed the shoe with Aozora no Namida from the anime Blood Plus. That’s was our MMORPG show.                 

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