Three Part Series: The Great Truth, Part 1

We all have beliefs and clichés that have influenced the choices we’ve made, the people we’ve become and the direction our lives have taken. Most of us try to be good people, do the right thing, and make smart choices. Yet we often fall short and end up suffering the consequences of our actions, sometimes causing hardship to those around us as well. We seek to understand the purpose of life, believing it is to find happiness, success, love, health and financial wealth. Sadly, we discover each is conditional and temporary. So it’s back to square one to try to recapture what once was. We take counsel from those we respect and trust in the hopes of understanding where we failed and re-charting the course of our plans. “Do what makes you happy.” “Follow your dreams.” “Don’t worry about what others think about you.” “There’s nothing wrong with you.” Good intentions for sure, but sorely lacking in wisdom. Advice from others is imperfect as it is laden with prejudice, limited knowledge, and personal issues of the one providing it.

How can we know for certain if the choices we are making and the way in which we are living our lives is truthful and accurate? How can I know for certain what the purpose of my life is? If my beliefs, the very foundation upon which I make personal decisions and build my life is flawed, then isn’t it reasonable to believe each choice will be imperfect and will not bring me to my desired goal? We have been so conditioned to believe that my life is about me – what I want, how I feel, what is in my best interest. A life lived in ego is one of self-centeredness, guided by fear and insecurity, lacking genuine concern for others, and unable to recognize life’s higher purpose. Even those with a generous heart and caring nature fail to live outside of ego. Yet without this awareness, one is destined to suffer and struggle from the moment of birth to their last breath. Only when one discovers the Universal Sole Purpose in life and lives in Divine Purpose will pain and agony cease and be replaced by unlimited and everlasting joy, love, health, and great success. It is possible.

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