Today on Proceed and Succeed – Why You Must Innovate in Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes business owners of all types make is to believe that their business model is perfect. Businesses have to continually innovate to remain successful.

There are big public examples…BlackBerry, for instance. They had their market locked up. Their core customers like physical keyboards. Well, Apple showed the world that a touch screen smartphone would sell. Google followed with Android. Blackberry remained stagnant. Their fall from grace is the stuff of legends.

In our businesses, we need to guard against this so we don’t become like BlackBerry.

This week, I will be broadcasting live from the Garden Vista Ballroom in Passaic, NJ.  Why there?  Well, the owner, Jim Robbins, has taken a building that was vacant for about 30 years, and transformed the Ballroom into the most beautiful location for weddings, Sweet 16′s and parties of all types.

This Ballroom was the center of Passaic social life in the 1920′s and 30′s.  Jim has brought it back to it’s past glory, but in a most 21st century way.

On Tuesday, he is having an exhibit in the ballroom featuring examples of how you can a have a modern wedding, with a blend of something old and something new.  Vendors will be there with cutting edge technology and new ideas to show it all off.  In fact, a New York City type wedding will be re-created right there in the Ballroom.

Jim and the Garden Vista Ballroom is a shining example of never standing still, always innovating and aggressive promotion. This is how you grow in this challenging economy, and Jim will share what he has done with us.

You will not want to miss this Show!

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I’m really looking forward to having you listen.

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